About us

Do you remember how interesting it was to build pillow forts when we were children? We used almost everything that turned up to us – pillows, blankets, overturned chairs, a large father’s coat pulled out of the furthest wardrobe’s corner… And there was no use in our mother’s and grandmother’s quarrels because it was a great fun and it was so cozy to play tricks in such handmade hut! So once we did it, and so our children do now, because the game in adulthood has always been and will be an important part of childhood.


Actually, observing the clumsy attempts of our children to make the next hut, there appeared an idea to help them in this important matter. The idea was happily supported by children, so after long calculations and experiments we finally created our first mini-house! Little inspirations with a serious look tested the constructor for durability and said their reasonable "Yes!" So we decided to joy the other kids in the same way. No sooner said than done. After the first house there the second appeared, and then even the kitchen, mini-shop, and many more of our ideas are waiting for their implementation!


The basic principles which we base our work on, truly important for any parent who cares about their children are as follows:

• Environmental friendliness and safety. Our toy houses differ favorably from plastic children's homes which are sold in stores, because we manufacture them from high-quality certified ply-wood without any harmful impurities. For the same reason, we do not use in the manufacture of varnishes, paints, or other types of surface coatings that can produce toxic evaporation.

• Reliability and durability. All of our products are multiple used prefabricated structures, which allow assembling and tightly fasten all the elements without any glue connection. The finished house will be immovable and will be able to stand in the kid's room for a rather long period of time. And if necessary, you can expand it into separate parts and put them on storage in a package that is specially fortified for long-term multiple use.

• Educational component. Since our constructor houses are intended for children aged from 3 to 8 years, it is clear that for their assembling, the children will need the help of adults. And here the most interesting part - during modeling the house you have a wonderful opportunity to chat with your children, listen to them, share valuable tips and just have a good time together! And do not even doubt: your son or daughter will be extremely proud of the fact that their favorite toy house was made by his dad!


Everything the best is for children! So we invite you to our web-site, where you can choose environmentally friendly, safe and original constructor houses from the Ukrainian manufacturer Doladoo!